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Python for Statistical Computing

MetaOptimize - A Machine Learning Q&A Community (Similar to StackOverflow)

Using bootstrap in cluster analysis

Git Magic – A Git Tutorial as a Video Game Analogy

Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning – Textbook with free online textbook (in beta) by David Barber.

Bioconductor Experiment Data Packages – A list of packages with experiment data (a lot of microarray)

Bioconductor One-day Overview Course – From Harvard Biostatistics Department (PDF)

Clustering and Visualization of Microarray Data – This is the best presentation I have seen of the topics, including clustering evaluation (PDF)

Statistical Microarray Data Analysis – This excellent presentation from the same guy includes the one above and discusses a much broader scope. (PDF)

Han-Ming Wu’s Site – This is the professor that released the above two presentations. He has more information on his site. (Only some English)

Very slick poster with ggplot2 graphics – Note the github project at the bottom.

Concentrations of Measure – This is Prof. Tyrone Vincent’s great presentation on probability inequalities from PASI

Machine Learning Video Lectures and Notes – Professor Tom Mitchell at Carnegie Mellon

Bayesian Statistics – Scholarpedia Entry (Recommended by Prof. Andrew Gelman)

A Large Collection of Notes on Stochastic Processes

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