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Wait til the Weekend

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Python for Statistical Computing

MetaOptimize - A Machine Learning Q&A Community (Similar to StackOverflow)

Using bootstrap in cluster analysis

Git Magic – A Git Tutorial as a Video Game Analogy

Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning – Textbook with free online textbook (in beta) by David Barber.

Bioconductor Experiment Data Packages – A list of packages with experiment data (a lot of microarray)

Bioconductor One-day Overview Course – From Harvard Biostatistics Department (PDF)

Clustering and Visualization of Microarray Data – This is the best presentation I have seen of the topics, including clustering evaluation (PDF)

Statistical Microarray Data Analysis – This excellent presentation from the same guy includes the one above and discusses a much broader scope. (PDF)

Han-Ming Wu’s Site – This is the professor that released the above two presentations. He has more information on his site. (Only some English)

Very slick poster with ggplot2 graphics – Note the github project at the bottom.

Concentrations of Measure – This is Prof. Tyrone Vincent’s great presentation on probability inequalities from PASI

Machine Learning Video Lectures and Notes – Professor Tom Mitchell at Carnegie Mellon

Bayesian Statistics – Scholarpedia Entry (Recommended by Prof. Andrew Gelman)

A Large Collection of Notes on Stochastic Processes

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December 7th, 2011 at 5:52 pm

Listing of Statistics and Machine Learning Conferences

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Occasionally, I will query Google with “statistics conferences”, “machine learning conferences” or “pattern recognition conferences” and the like. But often, it is difficult to obtain anything meaningful other than the conferences of which I’m already aware (such as JSM, ICML, some IEEE conferences). Today, I found WikiCFP, which is a “A Wiki for Calls For Papers.” This seems to be what I needed. In particular, the following are very useful to me:

It seems limited for statistics though, as JSM is not even listed.

Written by ramhiser

June 12th, 2011 at 5:20 pm