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My Question on Stack Exchange about Lagrange Multipliers with Inequality Constraints

One-liners which make me love R: Make your data dance (Hans Rosling style) with googleVis

Response Surface Plot Example in R with rgl

Excellent Set of ‘Data Mining’ Notes from Professor Shalizi at Carnegie Mellon

Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography – A HUGE list of links from various disciplines related to pattern recognition, machine learning, facial recognition, etc. Highly recommended for exploration.

A paper from Strimmer Lab that discusses James-Stein  shrinkage estimators related to one of my papers

Fast SVD for Large-Scale Matrices

Spectral Variation, Normal Matrices, and Finsler Geometry - Provides a great discussion on the development of the Hoffman-Wielandt theorem and describes several inequalities related to the Frobenius norm of the difference of two matrices

A Note on the Hoffman-Wielandt Theorem for Generalized Eigenvalue Problem - An interesting development of diagonalizable pairs of Hermitian matrices.

Seminar Materials for Bayesian Reinforcement Learning

 The Shame of College Sports – An article that has been highly recommended to me about corruption in college sports

UCSDs Computational Mass Spec Blog – I like how they compile papers and comment on them in blog form with various details about each. I am tempted to adopt their method.

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