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Wait til the Weekend – Initial

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I am terrible about leaving tabs open in Google Chrome.  Often I find useful links, which are related (whether directly or indirectly) to my current project, but in order to get anything done right now, I have to push these off onto a stack. My stack of choice is opening a new tab. As I open more and more tabs without ever returning to the previous ones, Chrome becomes bogged down, sluggish, and filled with many potential distractions.

I currently have 3 Chrome windows open with a total of 20 tabs present. As an example, below is a screenshot of the tabs from one window.

Open tabs from Chrome

At one point, InstaPaper was my fix for this problem. If I encountered a new link (that are really Internet shine-ys), my first response was to stuff the link quickly into my InstaPaper account through the nice icon on my address bar. My InstaPaper account became a huge repository of links that I wanted to read and to understand. Unfortunately, when a mass collection resulted, I became more unlikely to return to them.

Recently, through my Twitter account, I encountered John D. Cook’s blog and noticed his Weekend miscellany. It seems that he has a decent way of dealing with useful but potentially distracting links. Although this may not be his motivation, I am interpreting this as a temporary delay in dealing with a link with the goal of returning to them at a set time, say the weekend. I have decided I am going to do much the same thing and beginning something I am naming Wait til the Weekend.

Here are my first links:

Visualization of Support Vector Machines with Polynomial Kernels

Advanced R Development

Generalized Eigenvalue Decomposition in C#

Handwriting Recognition using Kernel Discriminant Analysis

Generalized Linear Model Notes


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